Mining Explained


Mining Explained is recognized as the comprehensive guide to understanding the process of searching, discovering, developing and extracting minerals. A must for anyone interested in the search for mineral wealth.



Revised and updated 11th edition of the popular reference guide to the mining industry basics

Popular laymen’s guide to mining
Includes chapters on “Basic Geology,” “Hi-Tech Prospecting,” “Mining Methods,” “The Business of Mining,” “Investing in Mining” and “Making Sense of the Numbers.” Plus, a glossary of mining terms.

For investors, students, mining professionals…

  • Gain a better understanding of the technical details of projects, and be able to judge their merit
  • Read about the different kinds of ore deposits or how different mining methods can add cost to a project
  • Learn how to interpret mining company financials
  • If you’re an investor, discover how to identify red flags and scams
  • Find out about historical price patterns for specific metals and markets

Here is what one of our readers had to the say about the latest edition of Mining Explained:

“I have gone through previous editions, but this new update by John Cumming is better by far than the last edition…

There are many other places you can go to get as broad an overview of mining, but none so concise, compact, and of such venerable vintage–refined since 1939…

You could easily save the $30 cost of this book by benefitting from the scams section alone.”

Jack Caldwell,

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