The Art and Humour of John Kilburn: Cartoons from The Northern Miner


A hilarious, 262-page anthology of a quarter century of mining cartoons by The Northern Miner's resident cartoonist John Kilburn.
Collected and edited by John Cumming and Isa Cunanan



Unique in its scope and ambitions, this anthology gathers the best Northern Miner cartoons created over 25 years by John Kilburn, a Vancouver-based mining professional who has worked in Western Canada as a mining engineer, broker, journalist, equity analyst and investor.

Kilburn stylishly captures the mining sector’s biggest events over the past quarter century as well as its perennial conundrums with a cast of characters that includes engineers, geologists, miners, promoters, executives and environmentalists. Joining the cast are coal mine canaries, camp dogs and llamas, plus a special appearance by Santa.

With a foreword by Pierre Lassonde, cofounder and chairman of Franco-Nevada, an introduction by John Cumming, editor-in-chief of The Northern Miner, and hundreds of boisterous JK mining cartoons like you’ve never seen them before.

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“With a few well-drawn lines, Kilburn exposes the raw truth that makes us all laugh out loud about ourselves. It keeps us grounded.”

— Pierre Lassonde, cofounder and chairman of Franco-Nevada Corporation


“Our readers probably guessed long ago that our chief cartoonist is an industry insider by JK’s keen eye for detail and his warmhearted appreciation of the mining industry’s absurdities, big and small.”

— John Cumming, editor-in-chief of The Northern Miner


Specifications: 7.8″ by 10″, 262 pages, B&W with a colour cover, ISBN 978-1-987932-00-3

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